Mind Your Business

Okay so note to self.
Never bring toddlers to Walmart or shopping on a Saturday afternoon.
It was not so much the kids but everyone else. People are rude.
Anyways the point of this post is Dominic was in the carriage and he was
sort of yelling. Nothing to extreme that people were looking but it was bothering me.
As I approached him some lady was standing there laughing.
That totally annoyed me so I told her it is not funny.
Then she said to me, oh there just kids its funny. I responded that when you are in the
situation it is not funny. I dont want my kids screaming or what not in a store.

People should MIND THERE BUSINESS. I have had many situations that people have butted there nose in my affairs. Just cause I look young I am not.

Okay I am done ranting. Too tired.