Mind Your Business

Okay so note to self.
Never bring toddlers to Walmart or shopping on a Saturday afternoon.
It was not so much the kids but everyone else. People are rude.
Anyways the point of this post is Dominic was in the carriage and he was
sort of yelling. Nothing to extreme that people were looking but it was bothering me.
As I approached him some lady was standing there laughing.
That totally annoyed me so I told her it is not funny.
Then she said to me, oh there just kids its funny. I responded that when you are in the
situation it is not funny. I dont want my kids screaming or what not in a store.

People should MIND THERE BUSINESS. I have had many situations that people have butted there nose in my affairs. Just cause I look young I am not.

Okay I am done ranting. Too tired.

Back To Work

So tomorrow I am going back to work:(
Boo Hoo. I really don't think I am ready to go back.
I have no choice though. I will try and make the best
of it. Maybe it will be a good thing!!
I shall keep you updated.
Based on the week that I had, perhaps it is not a
bad thing!!

What A Crappy Day

So today started not so good, and ended even worse.
Kids went to bed late last night. Today was HELL..I decided to
keep everyone home from school/daycare as there was too much snow.

They yelled, screamed, fought, did not nap, cried and back talked.
That was pretty much my day.

As it was winding down, and daddy was about to be home with pizza, I noticed
Dominic had a stinky present for me. I decided to change him in the bathroom
and put him in the tub before supper.
As I did that turned around, and stepped in a diaper full of s%#&!!!
I lost it. I even lost my favorite slippers, my pola dot, ugg like ones.



So this is a a few updated pictures of the kids!!!

Good Cause

OMG. I have a follower!! (My first) Yipee!
Thank you so much
Now if you can go and get a bracelet for a good cause!!!
Trying to figure out how to add them to my blog. Hmmmm.

Up date....

I figured it out with the help of Deana. Thanks so much hun!!


So are summer vacation is booked to Lake George, NY. We are going to from July 15-21. I am super excited, as it is the first "real" family vacation with all 3 kids!! I mean we have gone little places when we had less offsring, but this might be interesting.

As a Canadian, that does not have Chuck E Cheese. I think I am going to try and take my kids there. It looks CRAZY. I always hear insane things about that place. I am curious as to see what it's all about.

Time Flies

I remember when I was pregnant with Cassandra, everyone used to tell me, cherish the moments cause they go by so fast. I used to half heartily listen and say ya ya.

Fast forward 5 years, and 3 kids later. Boy was everyone right. I cannot believe in this short span of time, I conceived and raised three kids, and is almost out of the woods with diapers.

I would have to say the thing I regret the most, that because of personal issues and things going on in my life I did not enjoy them enough. One of the reasons I decided to start this blog.You seem to forget all the little cute and funny, and the not so funny things.


Since I am new to this whole mommy online blog community thingy, I have noticed a few things.
I am NOT like a lot of the other mothers. I am not sure how you would describe me. I am not a cloth using, lactating, natural birth, crunchy, all green save the earth kinda gal.

There is nothing wrong with that but I don't fit the mold. I did not make my own baby food. I had 3 C-Sections. (2 were emergencies), but would not have it any other way!! I pumped my milk for a month with my first, and 2 weeks with my second, while they were in the NICU. Third child was the only one that would of caught on quickly, but I wanted to be able to sleep. Selfish of me, don't you think??

There is nothing wrong with that lifestyle, it is just not me. I almost feel like a leper, cause I don't fit that mold.


Dominic is my last little baby. He was a pleasant surprise. We were not expecting to have 3 kids. Not in the plan at all!! He defied all the odds at the beginning. (Will talk about birthing experience in another post). He was born @ 37 weeks weighing in at 7 pounds 1oz and 21 inches long.

Dominic is the only child, that I got to see right away after my C-Section. What a difference that makes. I truly believe in the maternal bond with baby, right after childbirth. Something I did not experience with my other 2 children.

Dominic is my baby that LOVES to cuddle. I love it, as my other children did not like it at all. Now that Dominic is almost 3, he is starting to get a character to himself. As I mentioned Nicholas is doing a lot better, well Dominic picked up where he left off, twenty fold. He is also very small, but boy oh boy, does he have spunk. He is slowly developing his character, and quite frankly right now it stinks, so I can't say much positive at the moment. I will change the post, when he gets an attitude adjustment.

Dominic as a baby was very weary of strangers, and did not enjoy when they would approach him. Dominic has a little mean streak right now, and hits and slaps and bites his siblings. Something I have never had to deal with, with the other 2.

Dominic loves the color blue, and love Buzz Light Year and McQueen. Heck he likes everything his brother and sister have!