Back To Work

So tomorrow I am going back to work:(
Boo Hoo. I really don't think I am ready to go back.
I have no choice though. I will try and make the best
of it. Maybe it will be a good thing!!
I shall keep you updated.
Based on the week that I had, perhaps it is not a
bad thing!!

What A Crappy Day

So today started not so good, and ended even worse.
Kids went to bed late last night. Today was HELL..I decided to
keep everyone home from school/daycare as there was too much snow.

They yelled, screamed, fought, did not nap, cried and back talked.
That was pretty much my day.

As it was winding down, and daddy was about to be home with pizza, I noticed
Dominic had a stinky present for me. I decided to change him in the bathroom
and put him in the tub before supper.
As I did that turned around, and stepped in a diaper full of s%#&!!!
I lost it. I even lost my favorite slippers, my pola dot, ugg like ones.



So this is a a few updated pictures of the kids!!!

Good Cause

OMG. I have a follower!! (My first) Yipee!
Thank you so much
Now if you can go and get a bracelet for a good cause!!!
Trying to figure out how to add them to my blog. Hmmmm.

Up date....

I figured it out with the help of Deana. Thanks so much hun!!